Tooth Whitening Systems

Mar 13th 2023

Tooth whitening systems using the same ingredients and methodology as are used by dentists in their offices for hundreds of dollars can be purchased from Ultra Teeth Whitening for a fraction of that cost. The ingredients in the tooth whitening systems that can be used safely at home contain the same 22% solution. These at home tooth whitening systems do not require lengthy treatment sessions – just fifteen to thirty minutes per day. The number of days the tooth whitening system can be used depends on the amount of whitening the customer prefers to have on his/her teeth.

To use the tooth whitening systems from Ultra Teeth Whitening, the customer wears thin thermoforming trays over the top and bottom teeth for only 15 – 30 minutes a day. The formula used has more whitening power than other tooth whitening systems on the market and therefore requires fewer applications, less time and less effort. It contains a higher percentage of active tooth whitening ingredients and is ph optimized to maximize the tooth whitening process. The gel used in the tooth whitening system of Ultra Teeth Whitening is thicker, allowing it to adhere better to the teeth.

The tooth whitening system from Ultra Teeth Whitening does not contain any animal by-products in its glycerin The tooth whitening system of Ultra Teeth Whitening does not contain any fluoride and its quality formula actually reduces tooth sensitivity. We unconditionally guarantee your total satisfaction with the results of our product or your money back – no matter how many you order.