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"I have been using this product for 10 years now and all the time I hear "your teeth are so white"! I don't have to use it but a few times a year now, and I smoke and drink coffee and I don't get stains either. I use the 22%."

Patti Johnson /Homemaker 7/12/2012

Here is a video sent to us by a Happy Ultra-white fan.

I use the 22% about 2-3 times a week to keep my teeth white . I smoke (I know) and drink coffee daily. This really works. If my gums begin to feel tingly, I wait five minutes and rinse until next time. People tend to comment this time of year that I must be getting some sun. That is true, but the white teeth are coming from ultra-white. Even my dentist and Hygentist asked for the website. Again, I have been using it off and on, and I can tell the "on" times. Not fakey if used in moderation. If in doubt, start with the 16% or lower, but use more often. Brush and floss first.

Leslie Glidden/ Pharmacy Rep Birmingham 5/2/2012

"I'm all about smiling ~~ all the time ~~ thanks to Ultra White ! The outcome is fabulous ~~ get compliments often especially from my dentists office. Love the brightness level and experience no side effects whatsoever. I plan to continue this product for a lo-o-ng time."

Judy Banks/ Attorney 11/8/2008

"Very good stuff. The Dentist on my base in Iraq was very impressed with your product also"

Jack Lindeman/ US Marines 11/02/2008

Thanks! This product is excellent! I was considering laser bleaching, but the cost would have put me on the street. Everyone has noticed my teeth, and my last dental checkup yielded no cavities and my gums were much healthier. There was no staining on my teeth, and my breath is fresher. No comment from my dentist or hygienist, but I know they were wondering. I do one hour a week to maintain the whiteness.

Thank you. -- Anna 9/25/2004

Smoking"Hello - I am so satisfied with the product... I looked at hundreds of web sites on teeth whitening. Ultrawhite.com was so impressive to me and I really liked their product. It was apparent to me they knew what they were doing and that the product was good. But I called to talk with them anyway (skeptic, remember). The person that I spoke to was very knowledgeable and helpful. BUT THE BEST THING WAS THAT THEIR PRODUCT WAS 1/2 OF THE PRICE AT MY DENTIST - AND IT WAS THE SAME THING!

I ordered the product as soon as I hung up the phone. I received the product in a timely fashion - made the impressions as the directions said - sent that off and received my whitening kit just in the time that they said. I began using the product and personally saw the difference within 3 days!

Thanks for your wonderful product !!! -- Cheryl

My wife and I are both amazed, I was hesitant to order over the web, but the fact that the same product that my dentist was going to charge me $400 for, was also available for $116, made the decision for me.

Thank You! -- Bruce

Was I ever happy when I surfed across the Ultra-white wave on the Internet! What can I say- I saved $260.00. Presently, I am whitening my top teeth. I have finished my bottom. I went to my dentist this morning, he said my teeth and gums looked healthy! Ultra-white teeth whitening system really works! Thank you for making It possible for the average Joe to have great looking teeth!"


Cause: Aging "My wife and I have used Ultra-white for the past year, and have been very pleased with the results. Many of our friends have commented how great your smiles look, and after hearing about Ultra-white, are now your customers."


"Your system is as effective as any I have seen and your prices are almost half what I was paying my previous dental supplier."

Dr. M Dallas, TX

TetracyclineI smoke and drink coffee and brushing doesn't erase the long term effects of this because the stains soak deep into the teeth and stay there. I had asked my dentist several years ago about bleaching. He could not really commit to any results and said It would cost $250 per arch ($500 total).

Then I surfed the net and found Ultra-white. I was hesitant to buy because it looked too good to be true. I called the dental offices back and did more research. What I found was their product was close to 8% carbamide peroxide and required twice the work to get results. When It came to the bottom line your product is twice the strength, three to four times the quantity, and one fourth the price.

I ordered this Ultra-white product off the Internet and it arrived in three days. I started immediately and the results were phenomenal. I got a lot of comments from people at work about how pretty my teeth were and how they wished they had been "born with good teeth". I know when I smile I am exposing my teeth and people who see them take a second look. So I smile a lot more.

I think your product is value priced, easy to use, and effective. You have saved me a lot of money. I have stored your web address as a favorite, because I know I will come back.


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