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Teeth Whitening Scam Alert

We are hearing many stories of people getting scammed from a number of "fake" teeth whitening companies. There is no "Mom that discovers a teeth whitening secret" just scammers from Canada with banks in Panama. These teeth whitening scams have flooded the internet with false claims and advertising. When searching for teeth whitening products online, your safest bet is to purchase teeth whitening products that do NOT offer a so called "Free Trial." These free teeth whitening trials seem to be good, just fill in your shipping information and pay a small shipping and handling fee and boom! You just recieved a free teeth whitening kit.

Read the "terms and conditions" to see if you are really getting a free kit. Most teeth whitening scams are charging people a minimum of $80 for the free trial and then again 30 days after without you ever knowing you are being charged.

At Ultra-White, we offer safe and effective teeth whitening that is used by dentists worldwide and we never charge our customers for something they didn't buy or intend to receive. We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate and will continue to build loyal customers.

We have found over 100 internet sites selling the “free trial” teeth whitening. The names change frequently but the results are the same: Overcharges on the credit card. There are even sites that calls it's product Ultrawhites (with an s)and Ultra White Smile. Please be aware we have no affiliation with ANY of these websites and/or companies. They are damaging our brand and name as well as misleading the public.

Ultra Whites


We are involved with the authorities in prosecution of this activity but many of these “companies” are based overseas and shut down within weeks of taking your money. Disappearing then popping up again with another name and another site.

Why do Yahoo,CNN, Fox and the Weather Channel allow this deceptive advertisement on their websites? Google banned them last year.

These "fake" companies are making a bad name for the honest and legitimate teeth whitening companies that are striving for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are a victim of one of these teeth whitening scams, please give us an email at and tell us your story.