Teeth Whitening Facts & Myths

Why Teeth Get Dark

There are many causes. The most common include genetics, aging, consumption of staining substances (smoking, coffee, tea, colas), tetracycline (antibiotic) staining, excessive fluoride, and old fillings. Whitening toothpaste can remove stain that is on the outside of the teeth. Dentists call this extrinsic staining. However, whitening toothpaste and professional dental cleanings will not change the color or intrinsic staining of the teeth. That is why tooth whitening (sometimes called tooth bleaching) is so popular.

Here's How Teeth Whitening Works

A whitening gel is placed in a tray that fits over your teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel, carbamide peroxide, is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and bleaches the colored substances. The structure of the tooth is not changed; only the tooth is made lighter and whiter. Fillings, Crowns, and Bonding will not lighten.

How Safe is This?

Dentists have known for years that tray whitening or bleaching is a fast, safe and predictable way to whiten teeth 2-5 shades in a matter of days.

Most dentists charge between $400 and $500 dollars for this treatment and it is worth it. Chances are you know someone who has whitened their teeth and gotten great results.

For many people who want white teeth, several hundred dollars is out of their budget. The cost for treatment is so high because dentists have to pay their employees, office rent, lab, expensive equipment payments, the cost of the whitening products and still try to make a profit.

That's where we come in. We sell directly on the web and ship to our own dental lab. The result is dental office effective whitening at about a 70% savings over dental office pricing.

We are so sure you will love our products and recommend them to your friends that we offer a 100% results satisfaction Guarantee.

If during or after using our products you are not satisfied with your results in any way return your kit for a no questions asked refund.

Since offering this guarantee over two years ago we have had less than 2% of customers request a refund. In fact our average customer refers 2-3 friends and family members to us! Take a look at a few letters we have received!

What is the difference between laser whitening and custom mouthpieces?.

Laser is done by a dentist who applies a 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution on your teeth. Once this solution is on, a light is held a couple of inches away from your teeth to speed up the chemical reaction of the Hydrogen Peroxide. Many dentist advertise that this works better than tray type whitening. That has not been our experience. There is NO clinical data to indicate the laser whitening works any better than tray whitening. NONE! This procedure costs $500 plus. The problem with this procedure is that after a year of your normal eating habits (drinking coke, tea, coffee, etc.) your teeth become slightly discolored again and develops a new stain. With the laser whitening, you will have to go and pay $500 plus to have white teeth again. With the custom mouthpieces, you already have the custom mouthpieces that you can wear a year later for a night to take off the new stain at no cost.

"How Does This System Compare to Crest Whitestripes?"

Crest White Stripes are a new plastic strip that is coated with Hydrogen Peroxide and placed across the front teeth. The strips do work...sort of. Tests by Crest show that teeth are lightened an average of 1 to 2 shades (compared with 4-6 shades plus for Ultra-White 22%) They also cause the Mr Ed effect. where the front teeth are whitening and the visible premolars are still dark. In short you will see very limited results with this product.Get Teeth Whitening Gel and your bright white smile is only a few days away. Our product works so well we unconditionally guarantee your total satisfaction.

We give you choices.

A tooth tray is necessary to hold the whitening gel against your teeth. A custom made tray will be more comfortable, whiten your teeth faster and is identical to treatment received in your dentists office.

For those ordering the custom trays, we ship within 24 hours of your order, (excluding the weekend) Your impression material is sent via US Priority Mail.

Detailed instructions for obtaining good impressions are included. An impression of your teeth will be made by you with our impression trays. The trays will be returned to our lab a prepaid mailer. We then make and return your custom fit whitening trays. The whitening tray is comfortable enough to wear two hours a day or while you sleep. Most people see results in 2-4 days.

Time out for a Truth in Advertising Moment! The custom trays are made identical to those in a dental office. Our tray kit includes clear, easy instructions, however some people (usually less than 5%) just cannot seem to get a clear impression of their teeth. For those people the tray will NOT fit as well as a dentist made tray, although it will fit better than a immediate tray. So for those who want the best possible fit but think you cannot take an accurate mold of your teeth (and you know who you are), :) should have your dentist make your tray. But still buy our gel! Click here to see instructions for taking the teeth impressions.

How Long will It Last?

For most people, the treatment is long-lasting. Exposure to coffee, smoking, red wines, and some medicine products will gradually darken teeth again over time. After an initial treatment, most people do touch-ups one day about every 3-6 months.

How long will it take and How white will they get?

Ultra-White 16% and 22% use Carbamide Peroxide as the whitening agent. When wearing the trays Carbamide Peroxide is slowly broken down to Hydrogen Peroxide which whitens the teeth. The 16% gel whitens more slowly but causes less tooth sensitivity. The 22% teeth whitening gel whitens quickly but can cause temporary sensitivity to temperatures. Both the 16% and 22% gels need to be worn for about 10-14 days to achieve maximum whiteness.

Virtually everyone who whitens their teeth will see improvement. 

The ultimate whiteness will be determined by the length of time the teeth are exposed to the whitening gel and the mineral composition of the teeth. Teeth whitening is kind of like a reverse suntan. Some people get great results in only one or two days while others need more treatment time.

Why Choose Our Products?

Our system is the same exact product sold by thousands of dentists nationwide. In fact we are prohibited from disclosing where our gel is produced because the same product is sold to dentists at a higher cost! We make the custom trays, exactly the same as a quality dental office does (your trays are made in the dental lab right next to the $500 dollar whitening trays) and we supply you with a high quality, effective whitening gel. Our active ingredients are identical to Nite-white, Opalescence, or other premium brands.

But be Careful!

Ultra-White has been online since 1997 and is by far the largest and most established teeth whitening site. We tell you who we are where we are located and all our contact information. We include enough gel so that you will get results the first time without having to reorder in a few weeks. Our products are truly effective and we don't make untrue claims. (Rated #1 by Dentists) In short we have been here and will be here for you in the future.

Several internet sites are selling a "private labeled" whitening kit found at Eckerd and Walgreen Drug Stores for less than ten dollars for between $39 -$139 dollars. Many use an acidic pre wash that can damage your enamel. Claiming to be a 10%, 16% or even 22% whitening gels is meaningless without strict quality control. All of our products are ISO certified for purity and quality control.

As a dentist I have NEVER seen good results using these products. Maybe that's why they aren't guaranteed.

Why We don't sell 35% Gel - Here is the truth about 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel.

All teeth whitening gels will whiten teeth. The final results from a higher concentration gel are NOT BETTER, it may be faster but the end result is the same. So yes you can get the same result with Ultra-White 16% as you can with the 22% it will just take a little longer. But if you have sensitive teeth you will suffer from fewer side effects.

As the gel increases in concentration more side effects develop such as sensitivity to temperatures and sensitivity to the gel itself. ALL of these side effects are temporary as long as the gel concentration is below 22%. Above 22% however damage can be inflicted to the gums that are irreversible. Yes it can damage your gums permanently.

Gels over 35% are used in dental offices (along with lights which are another story see above). The appointments when the 35% gel is applied are usually for about 90 minutes. The gums are protected with a material that takes about 15 minutes to apply correctly and the patients are monitored during the entire procedure to make sure the gel does not injure the gums.

35% gel severely burns gum and CANNOT be worn in a tray. So anyone that is promoting a 35% gel is:

  • a. Selling something that is NOT 35% gel or
  • b. Selling something that is guaranteed to severely injure the customer.

If you've ever dreamed of a dazzling teeth and a whiter smile don't put off placing your order, and remember with our results satisfaction refund policy you have nothing to lose!

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