Reasons to Buy From Ultra-White

"Ultra-White Pharmaceutical Grade Whitening Gel - It's the Most Powerful Oral Care Miracle and The Only Teeth Whitening Gel worth using... No Toothpaste or Whitening Gel Can Compare to the Benefits of This Amazing Product"

Dear Friend,

You probably came to this site because you've heard about our Teeth Whitening Systems and how they turn dull teeth into dazzling smiles. Or perhaps you're interested in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening is just one of the many treatments that you are doing research on.

If you are just learning about this procedure, click here to discover the different teeth whitening options and costs of various treatments in our Teeth Whitening Facts and Myths section including new information on *White Strips* and Laser Teeth whitening.

If you are familiar with Teeth Whitening and just want to know why choose Ultra-White Gel? Here are just a few reasons:

  • This is the same professional strength pharmaceutical grade product sold by dentists .Virtually every whitening company makes this claim but almost all whitening products sold online are *food grade* These gels are less expensive to produce and easier to obtain by anyone with a website and a credit card machine. There are only 3 manufactures that produce this quality product and are known only to dental industry insiders.
  • Whether you have never whitened you teeth before or just want a refill gel without paying you dentists mark up prices we have everything you need.
  • Only one hour per day treatment time needed. Our exclusive formula requires less wear time than other gels. * Choose between 22% Carbamide Peroxide and 16% Carbamide Peroxide formulas.
  • Because of our pharmaceutical grade gel, one box of Ultra-White Gel has enough product for 28 applications. The amount of gel and quality make Ultra-White an outstanding value.
  • You are safe shopping with us. You are protected by a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. We have been online since 1997 and historically have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Dr Timothy Huckabee