Tooth Whitener Salesman Fined

Mar 13th 2023

A salesman has been convicted of the “illegal practise of dentistry” after demonstrating tooth-whitening treatments. In the first case of its kind, the General Dental Council prosecuted Ben Nahab for marketing the treatment for Denmed Direct Services, based in Canterbury.

Norwich magistrates fined Nahab Ł300 and ordered him to pay prosecution costs after he offered the procedure as part of a demonstration at a dental clinic.

The council said that it sought the landmark ruling to stop the spread of such unregistered dentistry. Hew Mathewson, its President, said: “The General Dental Council’s priority is to protect the public. Tooth whitening can be dangerous, particularly in the hands of unregistered professionals.

“For public safety, only registered dentists should be permitted to carry out tooth-whitening procedures or provide clinical advice about such treatments.

“If we receive information that suggests an unregistered person may be practising dentistry illegally, we will investigate.”