Teeth Whitening Trays

Mar 13th 2023

How custom trays will save you real money?

Custom whitening trays are made to match your teeth. A perfect fit. They last a long time too. Unfortunately, tooth bleaching is not permanent.

Custom teeth whitening trays are reusable

On average, you will have to repeat the whitening treatment in every 3 to 5 years. Even in between, a quick touch up can restore some whiteness.

Custom Whitening trays can be reused. All you need is a new package of bleaching gel and ready to go again. Look around, you can buy bleaching gel for even less than a pack of Crest whitening strips. Many companies are selling gel for low, low prices.

So, why do custom fitted whitening trays save you real money in the long run? Because you will only buy bleaching gel next time. No need for new trays. Whiter teeth for longer. What do you think?

Another way custom tooth whitening tray will save you money.

Since custom whitening trays provide a better fit they use much less whitening gel. They leak less gel too.