Teeth Whitening Does Not Cause Cancer Says Researcher

Nov 18th 2006

Tooth whitening products do not cause oral cancer

Washington, Nov 18: A University of Toronto researcher claims that common tooth whitening products are safe, and do not increase the risk of oral cancer when used as directed.

Dr. Ian Monroe, a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Faculty of Medicine and Associate Director, Program in Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs at the university, came to this conclusion after conducting an extensive review of the numerous unpublished clinical studies involving over 4,000 human subjects.

The study entitled ‘Use of Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Tooth Whitening Products and its Relationship to Oral Cancer, has been published in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Monroe says that clinical and laboratory data on tooth whitening products do not show any evidence for the development of oral cancer, or of any other effect linked to oral cancer.

The researcher says that concentrations of hydrogen peroxide used as an ingredient in tooth whitening products rapidly declines to near undetectable levels usually within 15-60 minutes, which is too short a duration to cause any oral tissue changes enhancing the oral cancer risk.

The review also examined the possibility of increased oral cancer development due to combined exposure to hydrogen peroxide and carcinogenic agents present in cigarette smoke.

Dr. Monroe says that the possible combined-effect was found to be groundless during study, which further illustrates the relative safety of tooth whitening products. (ANI)