Teeth Whitening Costs

Mar 13th 2023

Tooth whitening cost ranges depending on the type of treatment and the manufacturer. Dental office procedures, such as laser whitening, are the more expensive choices. At home kits, strips, and brush on products are offered at lower prices. Consumers should be aware that not all products will work for every individual. Researching the products ahead of time as well as consulting your dentist, will eliminate unnecessary financial cost.

Tooth whitening cost can seem staggering. Laser treatments can range from 500 to 1000 dollars or more, depending on location, ingredients, and manufacturer. At home professionally prepared bleaching kits can range from 200 to 800 dollars. Over the counter kits range from 30 to 70 dollars. Refill kits for tray systems can range from 20 to 60 dollars. Strip products can cost up to 40 dollars. These quoted price ranges may not include all brands or manufacturers. Discussing the cost of products with your dentist can help you eliminate frivolous spending. Seeking out your whitest smile is going to cost you at some level. Being aware of your goals and keeping your whitening goal realistic is important. Abusing whitening agents can critically damage your teeth and gums. Making sure your teeth are healthy before beginning a whitening program is also necessary. Whitening agents that get into a crack or cavity can cause major damage inside the tooth.

Tooth whiteners cost is only one factor to consider. Talking to others about their tooth whitening experiences can also be beneficial. Researching the limits and flaws of whitening products can also be enlightening.

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