Free Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Mar 13th 2023

Ok I still get emails asking about free teeth whitening. Honestly I think most people can afford $36 dollars for teeth whitening from ultra-white. It works fast and it works well.

However for those of you that want free I have two tips.

1. Many dentists offer free teeth whitening to new patients as a way to encourage new business. Take a look online or in the local valpak coupons and you are sure to find one of these offers. If you have dental insurance the cost of your exam, x-rays and cleaning should be covered and bingo teeth whitening.

2. Ok this is not exactly free but almost. I once had a patient with really white teeth. After being a dentist for 20 years I can tell who whitens their teeth easily. I asked this guy what brand of whitener he was using. He grinned and said "Well every morning when I get into the shower I take a sqig of hydrogen peroxide and I swish it back and forth in my mouthduring the 4 or so minutes I am taking a shower. I 've been doing it for about 5 years now!" This guys teeth were really white so I know one person it works for. Disclaimer: Hydrogen peroxide is a potential carcinogen to gum tissues and tastes horrible as well.