Dentists Losing Whitening Clients Online

Aug 25th 2005

DALLAS and FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Thousands of clients have chosen not to use their dentist for professional teeth whitening. Clients are going online and buying "Lab-Direct" without the dentist visit and saving 100s.

Online dental lab, which specializes in providing custom-fitted bleaching trays and Hi-Intensity strength bleaching gel. The same process used by 95% of cosmetic dentists.

Bill Watson the owner, says, "We never thought our small lab would grow to 25,000 nationwide clients, when we created our 'Lab-Direct Process' we did it just to provide a more affordable solution to professional teeth whitening." Our "Lab-Direct" process is giving people another choice. Most people want whiter teeth. However, many clients are refusing pay to $300 to $700 for the exact custom-fitted trays and bleaching gel that we provide online for about $99. Everyday we hear from clients that say their dentists asked them, "How did their teeth get so white?"

"The 'Lab-Direct Process' is being compared to the very controversial conflicts from the contact lens industry where clients buy their contacts direct without going through the doctor and save 70%. Now the same is possible for professional teeth whitening."

When asked how the "Lab-Direct Service" works Watson replied, "We send the clients our professional whitening systems by courier, (the same system we provide to dentist offices). Our clients simply read the four-point instructions to bite down on the two impression trays themselves. It's incredibly easy, anyone can do it without the assistance of a dental assistant or dentist. It takes 2 minutes and there is no mixing. Then these impressions are returned to our lab with our postage paid return envelope. From there we process the custom fitted bleaching for the client directly. A year's supply of Hi-Intensity bleaching gel in also delivered with the system. Finally, the clients have the same whitening gel and bleaching trays, as they would have received from a dentist without the office visits or the high- cost."

"By making the teeth impressions themselves and returning them directly to our lab the client has replaced the doctor. We process these impressions to form a custom fitted bleaching tray made to fit the client's teeth exactly. Then we express the custom-fitted trays back to the client's home or office within 24 hours and they start their bleaching. The entire process takes about a week and it's all done online."