Dentists Are Losing Money

Mar 13th 2023

Till almost ten years ago, there was only one way to get your teeth whitened and that was through professional whitening done by laser in a dentist’s chamber. It was a complex and expensive process which could take any number of sittings depending on the person’s teeth. One way of getting their teeth whitened- that was through dental in-office whitening. It was a tedious procedure and opted by a few people only. But soon, getting a dazzling smile began to be a compulsive concern of a growing number of people. These people could neither afford the money nor time to invest in a dental process. This gave rise to various at-home products of whitening teeth. Today there are many process of getting your teeth whitened in the convenience of your own home and without supervision of any dentist. And the popularity of these products has led to dentists losing their customers.

These treatments are not only easy to use but they are also very affordable. The different home whitening systems are teeth whitening kits like teeth whitening trays with whitening gels, whitening strips and brush-on whitening.
One of the methods of at home whitening that has led to dentists losing their customers is brush-on whitening. This method is for the lazy people who want teeth whitened through shortcuts. All you need to do just brush on the whitening formula, let it dry on the teeth, and allow it to stay on the teeth for the night. There are two flaws in the method, first is that the success of the system depends on the ground that it should dry on your teeth evenly or you will end up with patches of whitening. Secondly the ingredient of this brush on whitener is alcohol which is bad for breath.

Another method is the whitening Strip to stick on teeth. They are extremely easy to use as you just need to put the strip on your teeth. They are cheap and can give you desired results in a short time and with little efforts. The only problem will be if you have cracks or grooves on your teeth. Whitening strips can make these cracks more conspicuous as they will not be whitened and will look like small gaps in your teeth.

The third method of at home whitening system is by using trays that contain bleaching gels. They are by far the best and most popular method used by people all over the world. They are both efficient and affordable, though not so simple to use. They contain peroxide for bleaching. The results are good and will meet your expectations provided you carry out the instructions properly.

Due to lack of patience and time people frequent to the chemist’s shop for teeth whitening kits rather than visit the dentist. These kits can be effective if certain guidelines are followed. After using these kits, use oxygenating toothpaste for brushing the teeth as it will strengthen your gums and also prevent occurrence of sensitivity in the teeth.