Cosmetic Dentistry and Coldsores

Mar 13th 2023

While some people are born with a winning smile, some put their foot in them when they open their mouth. Cosmetic Dentistry or more appropriately, Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that takes care of defective teeth formation and allied abnormalities so that the person may not only wear a happy smile but at the same time have a healthier mouth with teeth lasting a lifetime. Cosmetic dentistry is also needed to cure periodontal diseases resulting in early tooth decay or causing extra stress on chewing muscles, leading to chronic gum infection and headache.

A face works like the window display of a person and cosmetic dentistry can be compared with the design work on the window. Cosmetic dentistry through the work carried out on the teeth can improve appearance, remove problems and uplift look.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Cold Sores

A rather irritating condition inside the mouth as well as the face and lips are cold sores. They are caused by a virus known as Herpes Simplex Type 1 and appear as painful blisters. Find here a great cure for

Cold Sores

The virus may lie dormant for many years until one day deciding to rise again. And this happens due to fatigue, stress, common cold, fever, continued exposure to sun, food allergies, immune system deficiency, pregnancy and such others. Though cold sores do not last for that long, but they tend to come back from time to time thus making them quite an irritant. A huge number of people are now suffering from cold sores. Also, cold sores are contagious and are transmitted through kissing and touching and even secondary contact with objects such as shared utensils, drinking glass, lipstick or washcloth.

Cosmetic dentistry plays a role in cold sores. Many dentists conduct a range of laser surgeries to fight cold sores in the mouth. With cosmetic dentistry it becomes possible to significantly reduce the pain. However in some cases, the pain may not go completely and in such cases, a second laser surgery may become necessary.

Apart from fighting the cold sores problem, cosmetic dentistry is also popular as a way to uplift the face through major exercises such as laser operated dental works or simple procedures like cigarette stain removal. Actually, cosmetic dentistry can be any cosmetic work carried out on the teeth to mainly look better but it may also improve health and functioning of the teeth.

Most popular cosmetic dentistry works…

Whitening – Bleaching is most popular method used for this. Enamel Shaping – In this parts of contouring enamel are removed to improve looks. This operation is also referred to as recontouring, reshaping, enamelplasty, odontoplasty and by other names. Bonding – The solution for cracked teeth. A material looking like enamel is applied the tooth’s surface, hardened and then polished. Veneers – These are very thin custom-made laminates that are attached directly on the teeth through a small operation. This exercise is undertaken to remove gaps between teeth and also for coloring when whitening efforts have failed. In this age when most are fashion and look conscious, cold sores are really a sore and they really look bad. Cosmetic dentistry not only has other utilities, but it can also fight cold sores.