Colgate Tooth Whitening

Mar 13th 2023

Colgate Tooth Whitening offers a product known as “Simply White” which claims to whiten teeth in fourteen days with a money-back guarantee. “Simply White” is painted onto the teeth similar to nail polish. The product must dry in remain in place to be effective. Some minor whitening can be expected to occur, however without a protective dental tray in place the majority of the whitening solution is rubbed or dissolved from the teeth in only a few minutes time.

The cost of simply white is about $15, so it is an inexpensive way to attempt to whiten teeth.

According to recent independent reviews, Colgate Tooth Whitening products obtained a rating of only two stars. Many customers were not satisfied with the results they obtained from using Colgate Tooth Whitening Products. The Colgate Tooth Whitening product washes off the teeth easily with saliva even though it is easy to apply and is inexpensive. According to the rating, the Colgate Tooth Whitening known as “Simply White” simply did not live up to the success claims.

You will achieve 4 to 5 shades greater whitening with ultra-white and our results are guaranteed.

Ultra-White whitening offers the best teeth whitening products that you can use in your own home. Get Ultra Teeth Whitening and your bright white smile is only a few days away. Our product works so well we unconditionally guarantee your total satisfaction