Affordable Dental Changes Can Improve Smile

Mar 13th 2023

This summer, many brides-to-be are choosing to see their dentist before they say “I do.”

Cosmetic dentistry can dramatically change a smile and still be affordable. Most people cannot afford to pay for an expensive, extreme makeover of their smile - but many dental patients only need minor changes to see a major improvement.

Tiffany Long is one of those patients.

“Every time I saw a picture of me, that’s the first thing I looked at was my smile,” Long said. “I always noticed that one tooth and it just really bothered me.” “In Tiffany’s case, she had what we commonly refer to as a peg lateral or a smaller lateral incisor that does not really fall in line with her smile line,” said Dr. Chi Trieu. A small lateral incisor is a common problem. Composite bonding restored the shape, but it had discolored.

A single porcelain veneer solved the problem. But before the veneer was bonded to her tooth, Tiffany underwent two other procedures performed by periodontist Dr. Ellen Hall.

She was getting married and wanted to improve her smile for all her wedding photographs, so we did some gingival recontouring and crown lengthening,” Hall said.

“An ‘extreme makeover’ for her with very minimal treatment,” Hall said.

“ “I knew that I was going to have lots of pictures taken, so that was really important to me,” Long said.

Small changes to your teeth and gums can make a big difference, especially when you plan to capture that smile in a photograph. So, consult with your dentist if you have a big event coming soon.

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